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January 11, 2008


Tope Balogun

Yes, you are in danger! The man in the picture is a secret agent with World Intelligence Organization (WINO) and his name is Nick "Sledge hammer" Branson. A highly trained Assassin. You were sent with him to kill an influential world figure. You refused the job, fought your way out and travelled from Nigeria to U.K He tracked you, injected you with a lethal dose to wipe your memory, but you managed once again to escape. I am an undercover agent in WINO working with the Bureau chief, Z. We were partners on another case. Good luck girl, you'll get all the help you need.


About those shoes

Hi Kim not sure i could be much help but 3 days ago I arrived back home after a work trip to São Paulo in Brazil after the flight change in Lisbon i was sitting next to a woman who meets you description . You were pleasant but we did not chat you were watching films and I was reading. maybe we were wearing similar shoes I had taken mine off and when I put them back on when we landed they were tight . I did not think anything of it because I just thought my feet had swollen as the result of my long flights but these are not my shoes . I am a size 7 normally perhaps you could post a photo of the shoes and if that is explanation we could swap.
Only other thing I can remember is that you were a vegetarian or at least had ordered the veggy option cause you got served first and it looked like a better option than the meat eaters one . I remembered thinking to myself I should go veggie for flights. Anyway this must be a very unsettling time for you and I hope you work things out
Take care

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