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January 11, 2008


Anna Cady

I rang Helen three times today and tried her mobile, I've left messages but she's not got back to me yet. I'm sure she will tomorrow. Yea post up a photo, then we can count her out, sure it cant be her, though it's so weird... Thinking about dates - how do you know you weren't with her before then? I mean if you've only, like, come back since the 10th.


Kim--you might be my sister, Kara, from Jamaica--your arrival in London around the 9th of January coincides with your Jan 8th disappearance from an upscale resort where we have both been employed.
I suspect the dapper English gentleman staying in room 237 spirited you away with him to London and that perhaps a dose of ****** (sleep medication) taken on the overseas flight may have destroyed your memorey. The photo is of our parents who are devastated by your sudden disappearance. The shoes are mine--(I have your size 6). Somehow in your rush to leave the island, you grabbed the wrong pair.


I expected you ladies to be more polite. First of all, I am not "dapper" and I am not English. I owe my accent to my 5 year stay in Brixton. I am from Cameroon. I understand that Samantha did not want to se me with her sister. That is not a reason enough to acuse me of using "sleep medication" on her. If your sister needs help, say S.O.S. Don't accuse! You may want to call me soonest. I have this brooch on my table which i think she dropped the last time we met. It has an inscription reading "To Kara from Dan". Does that make any sense to you?


I don't think you, Kim, arrived in the UK on the ninth. I think I saw you on the tube TO Heathrow on the morning of the ninth. You caught my eye because you seemed slightly anxious, not calm. It also seemed that you might have been with another lady. The two of you didn't speak with each other, but she kept looking at you. I'm not sure if it was Helen or not.

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