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January 11, 2008



Can you give us some more information?

- The pictures of the photos aren't really clear. Are those "regular" photos or have they been taken from a magazine?
- What brand of lipstick is that?
- Who manufactured the key?


Hi Dawn. Thanks so much... Well the photos are real photos, but they look as if they have been carried around for a long time. The lipstick has no label - just some sort of bar code - but the key says Italy and Orion. I don't know what that means. Do you recognise anyone from the photos? Does the key look familiar to you?
Hopefully, Kim


Hi, Kim....

Right, since we haven't met, I'm going to put forward a couple of ideas... but before that, I want to ask you a couple more questions:

a) Can you describe the shoes that you were wearing when you were taken to the police station? What are they made of? What do they look like? Was there anything odd, like big clumps of dirt, sticking to the soles?
b) Did you have a Tube ticket or a train ticket from Heathrow in your purse? Was it a ticket from one of the Terminals? Which one? Does it have any kind of information on the back or front that would show when it was purchased or used? I haven't been to London in about ten years, but the old yellow tube tickets used to carry some kind of printing on them when you put them through the machines, to show when you purchased, and then used, the ticket.
c) What's on the back of the photos? Is there any kind of computer printing on the photos?
d) What are the first two digits on the bar code of the lipstick? I know that sounds random, but those two digits tell us what country the lipstick was manufactured in....

talk to you soon...


Anna Cady

I am totally confused. I saw a link to this when I was looking on the worldservice about that woman who was deported to Ghana and she is terminally ill and wont get treatment. The thing is my sister, Helen came back from Ghana last week and she said she had this woman living with her who she'd picked up off the street. she's always likely to do that kind of thing so I didnt take much notice but, well, she said the woman has been staying with her for 10 days so that is longer than the woman you are talking about, but this woman my sister picked up, her name is Kim. What should I do? Should I tell the police? Can you send me a photo of Helen or shall I send you a photo of my sister? What size shoes are they? can you send a photo? my sister takes size 7 which is big for a woman, well I only take a 5. What should I do?


I daren't give my real name here - I just hope he doesn't come back and catch me before I can finish this post.
I don't know for certain if you are the girl who gave him so much trouble last week, but you have a key which looks a lot like the keys we use in our lockers. And the girl who got out raided Janx's locker, which is number 237. Janx is a big girl, but I don't know her shoe size - maybe you stole her shoes to get away in.
Be very careful, Kim. If you are that girl, he'll see this web-site or hear about you on the radio, and he might find you again. And this time he won't stop - he'll kill you!
I have to go, I think he's back.
Good luck.

Geoff Naylor

Hi Kim,
I don't know if I've got the right person or not but perhaps I've seen you at work.
You see, I work in a bank (am I allowed to say which one on the BBC?) across the road from Charing Cross station, and a couple of days ago a young woman walked in and asked for a security box. She seemed to be rather nervous, or distracted, but I put that down to her probably carrying something valuable.
The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure the box number available was 237. Don't ask me why, but numbers seem to stick in my mind.
I'm not at work today because I called in sick. That's why I heard you on the radio.
If you want, I could check up on the name of the box holder for you on Monday.



I'm not sure that I know you, but I'm pretty sure I know the man in the torn picture. His name is John Wright. I have to assume that the other half of the picture contains his wife Sue. I used to work with John at a Wall Street firm in New York, but he and his wife moved away all of a sudden about six months ago and no one I know has heard from him since. I don't know much else, but I hope that this helps in some way. Good Luck. Joel


Hi Kim
In the torn off picture, the missing bit seems to have torn off a woman's face, but a small piece of face, hair and ear remains. Does that look at all like you, or is it clearly not you at all?

If its you, I would think that you or someone else would have had a strong reason to want to tear up a photo - it seems to me not to be a thing someone would do without reason.


I think I know exactly who you are, I think I recognize your voice. But you sound so much more innocent in the interview than you really are. I'm almost certain you're the woman from Haiti, Dominique Leclerc, who married my father-in-law. The two people in the photo could be your mom and dad, and the young man in the other photo is probably your brother and accomplice. You are light skinned because you're an educated Haitian from a family who once had money. When they lost it you and your brother hatched a plan to send you to England to see if you could somehow hook up with a rich man and save the family's bacon. We, that is myself and my husband's family, had you investigated for the fraud you are after you married my elderly father-in-law in a rushed and hush-hush
ceremony in London just two months ago. He was on the rebound after my mother-in-law passed away very suddenly of a heart attack. You met him at Harry's Bar in London as he was drowning his sorrows. Being the devious opportunist you are, you convinced him you were in love with him. He, being desperately lonely, was only too willing to believe anything you said. But we knew you were up to no good. When we offered you a a very generous cash deal to leave the country and never come back, you jumped at it. That way you wouldn't have to wait for my poor old father-in-law to pop his clogs before receiving a windfall. The key you have in your possession could be the key to the safe deposit box with the money in we promised you. As to the shoes, well my mother-in-law was a shoe size 6. I've never met you personally, but I hear you're a dainty little thing, perhaps your desire for my dead mother-in-law's Jimmy Choos was just too much for you to resist. Who knows. I can only hope I'm wrong and you aren't this person, because by now you were supposed to be out of our lives and far, far away! Perhaps something happened to traumatize you between the family home and your getting to the airport. Maybe your brother, who is even greedier than you are, decided the money offered wasn't enough. I really hope I'm wrong about all of this. However, the circumstances seem too coincidental to me. We're not vindictive people, we just want to protect my father-in-law. I haven't even told the rest of the family about hearing the interview on the radio. If you are this person, we don't want your picture all over the news, it might send my father-in-law over the edge. Perhaps the information I've given you will help to reveal your identity. If you are who I think you are, please take the money and just leave quietly.

Anna Cady

Oh Kim this is really weird, my sister Helen, who I told you about earlier today, well she works for an NGO, and had neighbours in Ghana called Wright. I don't know their Christian names. She was living in Accra I could find the address probably, it was near Makola market. Does that mean anything to you?
How are you feeling? I do hope we can help...
all the best


i recognise the man in the photo
he is a musician and a bit of a womanizer
i believe charlie gillette played one of his songs on the world service last month-world music program
i am sorry but i forget his name
he is a guitarist singer/composer and was involved in taking/distributing drugs


Hi. I'd like to help. The photograph looks familiar to my husband & I. It looks very much like the one a young woman had shown us while we were queueing up to enter the Louvre in Paris. And this was the SECOND time our paths had crossed...You see, the first time my husband & I met the young woman was the time when we had scrambled for shelter from a sudden shower at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. Inside the tiny souvenir kiosk, we exchanged pleasantries with the young woman who, like us, too had stepped into the kiosk to get out of the rain. She mentioned that she was meeting some friends, and was running late. Just then, the rain stopped. The young woman politely excused herself before rushing off in the direction towards the government buildings nearby. And so, when we next met her at the Louvre grounds, we recognised her instantly. She too, remembered us. This time she told showed us the photograph, saying without elaborating, that it was imperative that she finds the couple in the photo, scanning the snaking queue as she spoke. We weren't of any help. Then quite suddenly, the young woman took off! She waved for a passing taxi to stop, jumped in, and that was the last we saw of her. Only then did we notice that just ahead of her taxi, another taxi had just pulled away....it was as if the young woman was in hot pursuit of the cab ahead of her. Could that young woman be Kim, do you think?


Kim I was talking to a friend and he immediately said did Kim call it a biro? is she a young woman? Young women in Britain don't call pens like that biro - that is a really old fashioned word. So perhaps you haven't been living in Britain for a while? I dont think Americans say biro either.... maybe other people may have suggestions. And he said that the bar code on the lipstick means that it was bought in a developed country. How used is it? Does the colour suit you? Look at it - would you buy that colour if you went out today? It's not Helen's anyway (if our Helens are one and the same) as she doesn't wear lipstick. Your dilemma goes round and round in my head. Keep in touch, Anna


Kim, the key... I think I may have stumbled on something big here!. You see, ORION, according to Wikipedia, is a constellation referred to as 'The Hunter' who stands next to the river Eridanus or the present-day PO River in... you guessed it, Italy!. Wikipedia tells us that interestingly, in 2005, the water from PO contained staggering amounts of...cocaine!!Now consider this: what if YOU are the hunter(ORION),an undercover agent with a drug enforcement agency, who had been closely monitoring cocaine trafficking in Italy (the clue ITALY ties in here), since 2005. Then the numbers on the key tag '2' confirms the 2-lettered name 'PO' river in Italy; if the number '3' is the third major channel or 'navigli'(a 7-letter Italian word i.e. the number '7' in the clue)then the clues point to..Po delle Tolle!! Your training as an undercover agent could have prompted you to pick the key (symbolising a BIG lead) with the words 'ITALY' & 'ORION'(which may even be your code-name)on them, and the numbers '2-3-7' to point to that particular location as I had explained above. You must have hoped that your colleagues at the Agency would be able to decode The Key & follow the leads to get to the perpetrators, should anything untoward happen to you...


You visited the Amphora Hotel in Kaş, Turkey, when I was there. The man in the torn picture was staying there. The woman with him was his girlfriend. I think you caused an argument between them and I presume he gave you the photograph. Perhaps he tore it? Look at the minarets in the background, they should bring back memories. Did you go to Paris on your way back to England? I didn't talk to you when we were in in Kaş, but would like to keep in touch and find out what happened. Btw, be careful of Geoff. I don't know what he he is up to, but that is not a bank security box key and as an employee he should know that. Orion keys are made in Italy and are provided to key makers who use Orion key-making machines, which are common in Europe. It looks like a door key, but unused. I think that you will hear from a lot of crazy people, who make up stories. They are mostly harmless, just ignore them.


Hi, my name is Daniel. I owned a secondhand bookstore in London. One day a man at the age around 50 came in my bookstore. He was wandering around, and at the same time, observing me. Ten minutes later, he went to me and asked," If I offer you 60 pound to do one simple thing that could be done no more than a half hour, would you do it?". That man spoke with a strong French accent and didn't give me chance to answer. " Here's what I want you to do.." he gave me 30 pound from his right jacket pocket. The man wanted me to bring a key to a bar called "Nickey's Bar",and give the key to a woman who wore oversized shoes. And he also told me that I have to hand the key only with my left hand. The man said that I shall recieve another 30 pound when the task finished. Anyway, I did go to the bar and found the woman. I thought she must be an excellent dancer or a musician through her eyes and her outfit. But strangely, after I gave her the key, her eyes were searching for someone quickly and then she was lost. I didn't know what to do. I gave her some money and asked her what was wrong. She didn't say anything through the whole process. Then she left the bar.
Dear Kim, Hopefully you are not the woman who I met at the bar. But if you are, please contact me. I am very concerned about what happened.


The photo of the couple. It's not very clear, but the lady in it looks like someone I knew in university. She was interested in humanitarian relief and volunteer activities ever since those days, always going to Africa or South America during the school breaks. I think her name was Emma, or something like that. She was a nice quiet girl, but a little naive, unlike her sister. Now SHE was someone everyone knew. Always getting in with the wrong people, dappling in drugs and other illegal stuff. She used her sister's good reputation as cover. Her name? Sarah Helen Mitchel. I'm not sure if she's gotten married or changed her surname. Could she be Helen? Could that be why Helen has a photo of the same man as the one in your photo? He looks a little shady. He might have been a drug mafia who knows Helen too and is taking advantage of the cover of a humanitarian aid worker. You might have unintentionally stumbled onto something. I’m trying to offer some positive suggestions. I hope you weren’t involved as part of Helen’s dealings too.


Kim, I think that Fraiser may be right. If Emma's wayward sister Sarah Helen is your Helen, then it fits that Helen could be the woman in the torn photo. She may have been going through your pockets and had just managed to rip off the portion with her face on it, just before you came to.


Dear Kim,
Do any of the message about Accra Ghana mean anything to you? You wouldn't know if they did. On your calf are there three parallel scratches? If not you are not in as much trouble as you could have been. Let me know.

Jenny X


My name is disguised, it is not safe to give it to you. The man in Helen's and your photo. His name is Abishek. He looks so interesting and harmless, with that terrible taste in clothing. But in fact he is the head of a secret cult. Few speak its name and live but I will do so under cover of this blog. It is Amphora. It is descended from an ancient cult of Bacchus. When you join the cult you automatically become this man's lover and wife. I expect Helen and Anna are part of this cult. I fear you were too. And so, alas, was I, to my utter ruin. I beg you, forget your quest. You have found your mother and your sister, you will find happiness there. Desist, desist, before it is too late!

Jenny X

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