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January 12, 2008


Katy Gowland

Hi! Oh, hi... I...well. You remind me so so much of a girl I met in Paris, but, back in March 2005. No, you don't remind me, I'm sure it's you - the way you speak, it reminds me... We used to go for coffee together, sit out on the streets and talk, do you remember anything of it? My name's Katy, and it was my first time abroad. And you told me of how you'd travelled around and you were so excited about everything - you'd been in Stockholm by chance, took a cheap flight to the first place, you said, and you know, I ended up moving there, because of our conversation, the way you made the city sound.

Anyway, I digress - you really don't remember the last few years? You were studying French, said you wanted to pick it up because you were hoping to travel more in Africa and you would be looking for work out there...

I don't know how much help this is but, I've looked for you, over the years, I remember you so fondly. We talked a lot.

I left Paris before you did, in June that year, and you had the apartment until August, but...if you did leave, perhaps you left something? Something that drew you back... I always wanted to ask you if anything ever happened with Nicolas, you were so smitten with him. I'm sure it wasn't him though...

Please, do take care of yourself. And if there's anything I can help with, please just ask. I don't want to say too much, I don't want to confuse things or muddle any memories you have - perhaps it's not even you but, cherie, I'm sure it is.

I'm sure I've got some photos somewhere, I'll have a look. If only we'd had Facebook back then!

Stay safe love <3


Jonathan Nettleton

Kims its Jonathan, your godfather; we had lost all contact when your parents divorced and I was delighted when you rang me from Paris and asked if we could meet and you caught the train from Montpanasse to Vire in Normandy:
It was a gorgeous sunny morning and we walked Rosie my dog before going for lunch;
It had rained the previous evening and your shoes got soaked so I lent you a pair that I had in the car which my daughter had left when she last visited and I kept meaning to package and post! You did complain that they were too big but at least they were dry;
You said you wanted to try a Routiers workmens restuarant which you had read about so we went to one I knew well on the road from Domfront to St. Hilaire; Over coffee after the meal you were very annoyed to find the French had banned smoking in bars and cafes and went out to stand in the cold with other smokers! You never came back!! I was worried stiff! You could on that road easily got a lift to Rennes where you could have got a flight to Heathrow


Kim Cherie

I am so relieved that there were no mishaps at Holborn. I was so worried.

I like so much this Jonathan and his dog Rosie. Could you tell me his email address? I do so want to ask him about the train journey from France to London for his dog. Do you have to buy a ticket for the dog I wondered? Is it expensive? Is there a special seat or does little Rosie go in a special carriage?

And what a sweet nickname you had for Jonathan when you were nine. Newbie, was it? Strange, I thought the internet had not really taken off then. I know that before the internet Newbie was a very rare word used for US soldiers in the Vietnam war, but Jonathan does not sound very much like a 'Vet' to me.

I like him, but do not trust what he says. I prefer to think of you as Nicky or Dominique.

I love Paris so well - look at that beautiful building in the background: the photo of Nicky's Bar looks as though it might have been taken on the 27th January 2006 at a rough estimation.

I love your photo too. It looks a bit brown, where was it taken? Strange, I thought you did not have a camera. Where did you get the photo, Kim?

You are constantly in my thoughts.



Kim, I sense your despair. So many leads, and any or all may mean something important. Well, there are TWO things that you can at least be certain about: (1) Remember the young woman at the Eiffel Tower & The Louvre whom I had told you about? Well, I can definitely say now that THAT young woman certainly was NOT you. It was a big help, to have your photo posted on the blog. Also, that the woman had gasped the name "Nicky..!" just before she dashed off. (2) You can be certain also that YOU were the one in the taxi that was seen just leaving the scene & who was then pursued by the young woman.

I wonder who your pursuer might be...don't you? You both have the same photograph of the couple, so there is definitely a connection between you..

So Kim, your sister has positively identified you as Laura. In the three years that you had been apart from your sister,it appears now that you had assumed the name Dominique. And now, your one & only true friend N, who cares for you, seems to be the one who holds all the answers that you are looking for. I hope N proves to be the person you CAN trust. Do take up my earlier suggestion.

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