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January 14, 2008


Mike K.

Now, maybe I'm just an over-analytical American, but in a scenario where one is coming to with major memory loss, but far away from anything resembling a hospital, that would seem to indicate that if there were somebody (or some-bodies) present at the time of whatever traumatic incident occurred to cause the loss of memory, they did not have your best interest in mind.

Perhaps he/she/they were trying to cover up some misdeeds of their own, or perhaps they were just callously indifferent to your plight and chose to send you off on your way to Heathrow with enough cash for transit fares and such.

There's a remote possibility you escaped from a hospital, but in that case, there would at least exist positive identification from the hospital admission, and ... no, that just doesn't seem to jibe with the facts.

So, barring some nutty "Art Bell" alien-abduction scenario involving a rather fantastic "mind wipe" session, it's fair to say you were sent off on your own way by people who really didn't care to follow up with due diligence on your well being, especially in light of the fact that they were most certainly aware of your trauma and plight before bidding you farewell.

There are obviously other traces of evidence that have presented themselves so far, and those are important as well, as far as creating a retracing of your steps, as they were, but I think that needs to be seen in light of an incident in which it is very probable there was foul play involved.

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