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January 14, 2008



What I have just heard on Outlook has suddenly jogged my memory. You see, the woman whom my husband and I had met twice in Paris last summer, had actually gasped "Nicky...!" just before dashing off in hot pursuit of a taxicab that had, at the time, just pulled away. It could well have been you Kim, (or should I call you Dominique now?), who was inside the earlier taxi. It figures, doesn't it, since that caller to the BBC had mentioned the name "Nicky" too. So then who might that woman who went after you be, I wonder..?

Kim Regent

Laura?-or Kim, I should say, since we still don't know...

Are you alright?

I want to say I'm sorry. I haven't been posting because I was afraid and embarassed. BBC contacted Mum and played the call on the radio-but of course you know that since you were at the interview.

I wanted to curl up and die when Mum said those things. You see why I left for Sweden...sometimes I think I didn't win the student exchange scholarship on merit, but on the judges' pity on the way things are at home.

I didn't want to post again, but hearing you so scared and upset... sounding just like you did, or like Laura did, when she was younger and still at home. It was the only times we got along really, when you were upset. I could stop being jealous and petty, and comfort you. But once things were better, they were always worse between us.

I realized I had to post again, I owe you. I just wanted to say that I have never met the man Jonathon who says he's your godfather. That doesn't mean he isn't...he could be connected with Jean-Paul, your father, who I am increasingly inclined to believe is Haitian (but I could just be getting that vibe from everyone else's suggestions).

I know, or I think I know, that I do not have a godfather since my dad and Mum weren't particularly religious and didn't know anyone in America very well when I was born. But Mum, when she occasionally mentions your father, seems different, like she was a different person then. Who knows?

I'm worried that if you are Laura, and have been calling yourself Dominicque and are involved in fraud and are married and all these other things... well, mostly I'm afraid for you to meet this person 'N'.

In that one interview with the caller who said he was your husband, he said you went to the airport together and someone called you something that sounded like 'Laura'. Could it be? Please, please, please, could it be?

Look, I don't care if you've lied, commited crimes or whatever, Laura. I've pinned my whole hopes on this, this 'Kim's Game'. I don't care if you don't remember me. I just want my sister back. Please, give me my sister back...

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