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January 11, 2008


Kim Regent

I'm afraid. I can't be sure if it's you. I don't know what to say...
My name is Kim Regent. If you are who I think you may be, then you are my half-sister, Laura. Could it be you took my name for lack of another?
Oh Laura, I really hope you are Laura. You haven't done anything wrong. If anyone has done anything wrong, it's me. I'm so sorry for the way things unraveled the last time we met.
I haven't seen you for three years. We lived in Washington D.C., where Dad worked in P.R. for the Embassy, before he left.
You'd had a screaming row with Mum, things had been going down the toilet for weeks between you two, probably over that boy you were seeing. He could be the young man in the picture-I wouldn't know, I never met him. You'd said you'd leave the house for good in October 2004. You did just that, just walked right back out the door, and Mum laughed, saying you weren't serious, that you'd be back. I was 16 and it scared the bloody hell out of me because I'd read your emails and I knew you were serious. When you did sneak back to get your things, I was still frightened but more than that, I was angry and I said Mum was right, and that you and your no-good boyfriend could go to hell or back to Ipswich, it was all the same to me, and a lot of other things as well. You screamed that I was-well that I had looked through your emails and you spilled candle wax on my arm before you left. You didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. Oh, God, I've been sorry these last few years that I haven't seen or heard you. I don't know what you've been up to since then.
You may not be Laura, but I hope to God you are. But you could be anyone, anyone in a sea of billions...but I thought I knew your voice in the interview.
It could be that I'm just desperate, hearing similarities where I shouldn't. Maybe I just spilled my guts for no reason. But I can hope...
does anything ring a bell? Do you think you could be Laura Regent, my half-sister, disappeared three years ago from suburban Washington?

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