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January 09, 2008



I think Kim has had a CVA. She should go for intensive medical examinations. It might be medically realistic that a person loses parts of his memory at least for a while without having other functions affected.

Brain stroke was something that happened regularly to an old aunt that I loved. She always managed to reconstruct her past. Unfortunately that was not always accurate. This in turn lead to various dramatic consequences.

Today a main cause of brain stroke is the consequence of excessive blood pressure (that was the supposed cause for my aunt). This is a very important subject for our aging population...



Hi Alex.
Thanks for caring. The doctors say there is nothing medically wrong, they called it a fugue state.
I'd love to hear the story of your aunt - I hope it wasn't too distressing, for you or her. If you would like to share memories of your aunt do go to people Lost and Found in the right-hand side bar.
Thanks for your comment.


Hi Kim, i understand the Doctors say there's nothing medically wrong, but i've done some reading and its possible that your suffering from an extremely rare functional disorder called "Psychogenic amnesia". Its got 2 categories one being the 'Fugue State' that the Doctors ruled out, and the second being a Situation-specific amnesia - caused by a severely stressful event.Can u recall any attempt to harm/hurt you by anyone , or even possibly trying to hurt urself?
My other guess is that - since you've identitified where the queen lives, then u know London pretty well- its probably not ur home area but you been here before and i think after the traumatic experience you run away from where u were and sought solace in London.

Johnnie  quarrell

Hi there Kim. I knew a girl like you once, during one of my stays in a mental hospital. For Alcoholism. We used to walk aorund the grounds and discuss all sorts of things, but mainly her identity. But every so often she would stop walking and just stare hard at me, and say she was just looking to see if I was real or not. Then she told me her name: Mary. But I had always known her as Valerie. Then when she was satisfied she would become Valerie again. I think Kim that when you become more sure of the world, your surroundings, you'll see some right clever doctor and open up to him and then he'll be famous for unlocking your mind. And hopefully you'll find someone and settle down and have a wonderful family and live happt ever after.

Toshal Dahal

Hi kim,
Don't worry, You will be physically and mentally sound.In fact human body is controlled by human mind. Different parts of the body is controlled by the different parts of the mind. As I think Some particular parts of your mind (hemisphere) is not working properly for now. But i hope you will be fit and you will remember all latter.

Nancy J.

Hello Kim :) I think you probably faced some frustration that you couldn't get over with, such as the goal you've been eagered to achieved for a very long time, or even your dreams from your childhood. Thus you suffer from a severe mental breakdown that causes you lost your memory. The frustration could be that you couldn't accomplish your doctor's degree in a foreign country, someone you loved seriously hurt you even abandoned you, or there were some miseries existing in your family. This is just my opinion from my expereices.

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