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January 22, 2008



I'm getting a bit fed up with your demands. I offered you advice and help and you broadcast on this blog that i might be a liar. Why should I help you? I haven't a clue who you are. I told you Helen has stuff to hide and John too, yes Jonathan if that is what you call him. Do you really believe they dont know each other? You are truly naive. Yes I'll meet you if you like but I'm really busy. I can suggest to you that their involvement with so many dubious people from other countries is not just from their association with NGO's (which I have always suspected was a cover) Doing work for charities and engineering projects - getting water to slums and stuff like that - has enabled them to live in countries where people are desperate. Your doing this blog has put them in the limelight. Helen cant afford to let you out of her sight in case you suddenly start remembering. I don't know what your role has been in their lives, whether you are a victim or a perpetrator. But women who have nothing come here somehow from poor countries and often are brought here either against their will or by people who have a lot to gain ... Honestly I dont know if Helen has been helping the authorities who are trying to stop this kind of thing or if she is involved in it herself. She's been so aloof and secretive these last years, I've hardly seen her, I dont even know if she really is where she says she is as we speak on mobiles or email. I only have her word for her whereabouts, I've never thought to question it before but maybe...You've given me a lot to think about. I think I am safe because I know so little. Has she been protecting me or protecting her secrets? As for whether John and she are on the same side - well, I guess you might be about to find out.Glad you've got some dosh. Use it sparingly it might have to last you a while. I wonder why he gave it to you? Odd that. Keeps you off the streets I suppose. Maybe you are less of a risk that way and they can keep tabs on you. Make some friends, do some waitressing or something, you need people around you. good luck. Anna C. PS do you have any marks or scars? Did you have any bruises when you found yourself on that bench? Anna

Lucky Pierre

ello Nicky-Laura

Forgiv me my English is not so god. I am Pierre from Cafe in the photo. Oui! C'est vrai! M M Cafe, 17 Avenue Mac Mahon. It is near Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel etc. I am waiter there.

And I now your photo too ! You are Nicky !! Oui. M M Cafe is Nicky's Bar. Ever day you come. You like Escalope du Saumon a l'Etoile. You like vin chaud. You like Pierre too. They call me Lucky Pierre your American friends.

My broter read me your blog. And funny thing. In cafe the customer sometime sine the menu and we keep. And there is menu sined by cinq name: Jean-Paul Leclerc, Jonathan Nettleton, someone Regent, John Wright and anoter I cannot reed: begin with N? Names from your blog !! Et I remembre these wen they come. Monsieur Regent carry bagages and an old war hat - tu comprends?

Ca marche, cherie? Je t'adore

Lucky Pierre

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