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January 12, 2008


Beatrice Namayanja


You sat right next to me on the plane.I was on a transit flight from Paris to London.You did not eat anything on the plane and you looked really sad the whole journey.I tried to talk to you at some point to find out if i could help you in any way,may be just talk to you.You did not talk back but instead,tears started streaming freely from your eyes.I hugged you for close to five minutes and told you that if you needed to talk,its okay,you could talk to me.when we got to Heathrow,we went straight to burger king.you said that you loved the burgers there.this excited me as i thought you were going to talk to me about what could have been troubling you.when we got there,indeed you ordered for a cheese burger.we sat down and you stared into space for what seemed like forever.then,you burst out and cried.you let me hug you and after that,you ran away,literally and disappeared into the busy streets of london.i waited for you fro 30 minutesmhoping you could return.i felt sad that you left before i got to even have a hint of what it was that was troubling you.im sure if you had talked to me,i would have information that could be of help to locate you.Anyways,good luck.

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