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January 16, 2008


Jodie Fellice

Kim you remember more than you know ... the name you have chosen for yourself connects not to a children's game, but rather to the very adult game you began in Russia last summer. KUM (no Russian characters on this blog) was the name you were known by at the British Cultural Center in St. Petersburg. They are looking for you KUM. They are presently attempting to shut down the centers across Russia with the expectation you will be easier to discover when the personnel are limited to only British citizens. You are taking a great risk to search for your identity on international radio. They took your identity from you and will take you as well, if you are not very careful. I cannot risk continuing this internet connection much longer. Please know that only a few of 'the clues' on your person are of value. Remember? I gave you the coat I found left on a chair at the Center. It was our best hope of secreting you past the guards. Most of what you have posted as clues are merely the innocent contents of a tourist's pocket. Though I fear for you, I am greatly relieved to know you arrived safely ... or as safe as one can be when they are committed to stop you from disclosing what you learned. I will contact you again when I can assure the connection is not monitored. Ophelia


You were let go under bad circumstances like many of us. I feel a personal responsibility to help you out if I can. Send a friend to Gerrards Cross station, Friday 4 pm, south exit, look for a tall gentleman holding a folded buggy. Show him the key tag. We will try to help.

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