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January 17, 2008



Dear Kim,
Listening to the first episode and the background music used in the drama, I was immediately struck by the similarities between your muddling, powerless amnesia experience and Alex’s helpless feelings in the book called 'Coma', in which Alex is hit in a tube at a late night by some hooligans and lost memory for quite a period. BBC has broadcast the audio book with the alike chilling, compelling background music. You might have read the book or forgotten everything about it. This book will give you some clues how to wake yourself up and how to find all possible triggers to regain your lost memory.
While Helen becomes your savoir, she might be the person she knows everything about you, as her aunt said. She might have a special intention, like for your money or your stories to resolve her own problems like seeking somebody else, for any good causes. She might be your enemy or best friend, who knows. But you should be wary of her – her expressions, wording and everything around you while being grateful for her selfless support and aid. I have a feeling that you have become a bit vigilant of her already.

So intriguing, twisting and compelling story. I can't wait to chase the new episode every day.
Hong Kong

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