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January 21, 2008


Kim Regent

Oh, Kim/Laura/Dom,
It's such a relief to hear you are safe after Friday's meeting. I...I'm sorry though. You sounded very upset in the recording and it's not as though you need anymore trauma in your life.

As I said before, I never met your Godfather Jonathon. I said before I thought he must have been a friend of your father's, not mine. But just like you, I heard him say he knew my father. I'm sure if my father asked him to be your godfather, I would have met him or at least heard more about him growing up, if you two were as close as he says you were.

Laura did get letters from someone during the holidays starting when she was about 9, which she guarded jealously. Mum never said anything about them, though she clearly knew about them, and I always thought it was a secret admirer or some such nonesense. It could have been a godfather writing to you, but then it would have had to have been a friend of Jean-Paul, your father, not Stephan, my father. But then, if he is your godfather, why is he lying? And why would he pretend he's not your real father's friend? What reason would he have for making the relationship seem closer than perhaps it was? Did you maybe get letters from him for years and then finally meet him in Paris sometime after you left?

I didn't want to have to do this, but I feel I must. It's high time I did so. I am going to write to my father and ask him about this godfather business and about anything he might know of you. I haven't spoken to him for...a while, so it won't be easy, but I worry evermore about your safety and peace of mind. I have to do this for Laura. And for you. I would ask Mum, in fact I will ask her, but I don't think that will do much of anything.

You were right to leave. I don't trust either Helen or Jonathon at the moment. Both of them appear to have lied to you, but I think they may both be telling the truth.

You said a while back "I couldn't possibly be all them...could I?" in reference to the myriad suggestions you've recieved. But what if you are? What if you are my Laura and this Dominique? And most importantly, no matter who you were before or what you did, you have become 'Kim'. The question remains, how long will you stay 'Kim'?


Kim, do you wonder how it was that Jonathan, a.k.a. N, a.k. Geoff, had actually singled you out in the crowd at Holborn? How could he have known that you were the Kim who was suppossed to meet N? Of course the dog may have helped him... in which case, then maybe, he DOES know you? Or could it be that the actual N was watching from the distance, and that the man with the dog was just doing his bidding? Perhaps N had kept his distance at that meeting because he doesn't trust Helen. I believe that if only Helen had not showed up when she did, N may have approached you himself after waiting a while more. I agree with Dupin that perhaps N had left money for you because he cares for you...maybe you should send him an email, and ask him something personal, such as whether he knows that you are a left or right-hander, or that you are ambidextrous, that sort of thing, you know, that you have not shared with us all on the blog. Only then can you verify that N truly is your friend and that you can trust whatever he has to say to you.

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