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January 14, 2008


peter obonyano

you are my woman and i am the man in the picture standing in front of a church.The elderly man and woman are your parents back home in North America where you are from. One of your two tickets is for me; you are travelling to meet me in West Africa and we are to return To America together, and start a family. the second ticket is your round trip ticket. You stopped over in london to board a reconnecting flight because you chose the price reduction offered for not travelling direct to me in West africa.
however, when you arrived london you decided to experience the sights and sounds of the city since this is your first visit to london. thus you arranged with the ticketing agents of the airline to reserve a seat for you in a flight scheduled for two days later.
Having two days to tour london, you checked into room 237 of a certain hotel we are yet to specify. all your travelling bags and possessions are still in the room 237. you deposited your passport at the reception of the hotel, and lodged all your travellers cheques, credit cards, and america dollars in the hotel save. after settling into the hotel you went sight seeing and window shopping, carrying just your purse that contained a lipstick, a biro, 50 pounds sterling notes of 10 pounds each,your tickets as a reminder of the fact that you are passing through london, and the room key.
being a sucker for nice shoes you decied to shop for a new pair of shoes. at the shoe shop you fell in love with an oversized shoe the is not a perfect fit yet you were compelled to buy it. you satisfied your craving and bought the shoes, and wore it then had your old pair delivered by the retail shop to your hotel.
when you left the shoe shop you windowed shopped a bit and later decided to get online at the public library and read your emails. Whoa! all came crashing down on you after you read my email. you lost cognition of time, place and person. time stopped and you blanked out competely. like a robot you walked out of the library and just kept on walking no stop. you walked for hours until you started to feel terribly exhausted, so you sat down at the next available bench, which happened to be located in the park close to the queen's palace. you sat there until you realized that you are relatively lost. The 20 pounds sterling in your purse is the balance change from your shopping and etc.
there is more to tell you and before i continue i will like you to answer a few questions:
1. will you like to read a copry of the email i sent to you?
2. The shrink said that you are running away from something.do you want to know what it is that you are really running away from?
3. will you like to know in details about your whereabouts from the minute you arrived at the london airport?

peter obonyano

sorry, about the key. it is not to a hotel room. it is to a storage facility where you lodged all your things. so your travelling bag, passport, valuables and cash are all at the storage. we ought to find out if it is at the train station or at the airport.

kenzo louie

Have less than a minute to say this, KIM is a clone, undercover agent of intelligence organization with interests in genetic engineering, paranormal, SETI, mass destruction. KIM is a child prodigy, picks up international languages with ease, skillful actor, exterminator trained by special forces. The real KIM has been in captivity for many years in secret hideout somewhere on other side of the world. Young man in photo is computer generated image, he does not exist. That's all I heard. Have to go now before they trace this email.


Be careful! Helen is your 'handler'. You knew too much, they had to keep you from talking. 637 is neither a safe deposit box, nor a hotel room! Forget the key, it's the number that matters!

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