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January 17, 2008


The Reporter

Kim, where are you?
You were supposed to be here in the Outlook Studio to record your last session with us. But you haven’t turned up. I’m worried. Are you alright? I rang Helen but she doesn’t know where you are either.
Please get in touch with us, let us know you’re safe.
And if there’s any way you can come into the studio tomorrow, we can still fit you into Friday’s programme.


i think i've heard of her..here in somalia..she was with the aid workers and suddenly she was kidnapped by some unknown people...but luckyly released ...she has been warking in bosaso ,somalia for about three years...and she couldnt handle it any more...one night ....boom !..she was gone with a note...saying...(i cant take it anymore}.....then never heard of her again...and am sure its her ....i can tell by her voice,.pelease....show her the way ...and look for her parents ..they live in liverpool....they are quite worried...we've spoken to then

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