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January 18, 2008


Kim Regent

I'm sorry, Kim. I was a little upset, no, overcome is more like it, when I posted that last comment under 'French Connection'.

I just want so much for you to be Laura Regent, so we can start over, so I can fix the mess I helped to create. My life has been spilled over this blog and on Outlook, and I...well, I'm apologizing to you, in case you aren't the one I'm looking for.

But even if you aren't my half-sister (I hate saying that...I feel like you are a full sister to me), I've grown to care about you. I think most of us have, who have been posting on the blog and listening to your story all over the world. Be careful, and when you get back from the meeting today, please post, so we all know you're alright.

We all want you to remember. I may have an extra reason to want you to remember, since there's a glimmer of a chance that you're Laura, but know that we are all behind you the whole way.

Come back safely, Kim...Laura.


Helen is seemingly benign, but is really Kim's enemy. The man who left the angry message on the phone could be Kim's husband, who's having an affair with Helen. Maybe they hypnotised Kim to hide their affair, but now, the guilty husband decides to come clean to Kim when they meet at the Holborn Tube......
~There's my 2 cents! I eagerly anticipate the complete drama! BBC, you all are fantastic! Keep up the excellent work!


Kim, I hope I am not too late to suggest an idea for you to mull over before you go to Holborn. (I live on the other side of the globe, so I am hoping that this gets to you in time).

I think that there is something rather odd about that note in box 237: it mentioned a meeting of sorts at Holborn Tube Station on Friday, but it didn’t mention WHICH Friday, did it?… I mean how would whoever it was who had left that note for you, count on the fact that you would be reading the note in time for you to make it to the rendevous THIS Friday? And much less, even count on your acting on the key as a lead, for that matter?

Well, here’s my theory: I believe that at the Holborn Tube Station, there are screens that are part of a video projection advertisement system. It could be that at 4pm on ANY Friday, something important, meant specifically for you, would be flashed on one or some of the screens…perhaps a catch phrase, or a picture, that would mean something only to YOU. This may have been running for sometime now, and will continue to run for some time to come, with the hope that you would, at some point, be there to spot it. Then, it wouldn’t matter which Friday you showed up, now, would it?

So when you do go to Holborn on Friday, and it does not seem that anyone is there to meet you, try to look closely at the video projection screens, won’t you? If the ad flashes just at the right time and then only over a short duration, (i.e. the same ad doesn’t come on again after a bit), then bingo!…my theory may just be spot on, in which case, you would want to make enquiries with the London Underground business office to find out the name of the person or persons who had bought that advertisement time/space. Surely then, this would lead you closer to finding out more about yourself…Good luck!

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