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January 16, 2008


Israel Ambe Ayongwa

Dear Kim,

The key with its tag in your possession is a code, a secret message for you.
What you suppose to be the key to your hotel is in effect a message for you.
Your honeymoon after your marriage to John was due to be in Cameroon.
You people cast lots and the number 237 was chosen which connotes the country code of Cameroon.
It is in Cameroon that you were due to pass your honeymoon and better enjoy the exotic gifts of wildlife and nature of this country.
But on the night of your departure, when you went to the hotel room to which you and your newlywed had lodged into, you were shocked to find your true love, John, in bed with another lady and this accounts for your shock and blackout which has now made you amnesiac.
John and his partner then carried you and left you in front of Buckingham palace where they felt you could be safe.
While carrying you to the spot, your shoes came off and some oversized shoes were bought from some store along the way.
Do you remember that John’s favoured tourist destination for the honeymoon was Kenya, code 254, while yours was Cameroon, code 237?
He eloped with his lover to an unknown destination and since Kenya’s turmoil has put away many tourists, I will not be surprised if he is currently in Cameroon.
If your heart is still with John and you want to find out why he betrayed your trust, you can come over to Cameroon.
Well, as for the torn picture in your wallet with a muffler on his neck, it belongs to your former boyfriend, James, who was serving in the army in Iraq. He has been abducted now for about six months by unknown group of insurgents and there has been no word from him. When it was rumoured in the press that he might be dead, you almost tore his picture in your keeping into two but you finally kept the partly torn copy.
Your true identity lies with Helen, the elderly lady who took you to the police station. She is John’s mother and is sorry for what her son did to you but would want things to remain unchanged and for you not to regain your memory.
So go and beg her to tell you more about who exactly you are…

PS: James is my brother and compatriot and I will like to see justice exacted on John for snatching you from James.


Kim, do be alert and extra careful when you keep that rendevous on Friday, okay. I am uncomfortable to learn that when Helen & you went to the bank, you were told that no one by the name of Geoff worked there…I am concerned that perhaps “Geoff” had made the suggestion for you to show up at the bank in order to positively id you as he awaits in the shadows. He may be in desperate need to get his hands on whatever it was that you were to have found in the security deposit box. So now that “Geoff” knows of Friday’s appointment, you MUST keep looking over your shoulder… remember, Trixie had warned you of a man who may want to kill you. And then there’s that voicemail . That could be the same “Geoff”; he may have been reading your blog and is using Julia’s lead as a ruse to try to get to you.

Another thing that I find disconcerting also, is the fact that Helen had sounded chagrined, at the mere mention of Anna whom she charged, was not using her real name. This plus her disappearance for two days (her explanation for this did not sound very convincing at all!), Helen seems to be enshrouded in mystery herself. You really can’t be too trusting, Kim.

If I may make a suggestion, perhaps you could convince the producers of Outlook to allow a correspondent or presenter to be there with you when you keep Friday’s appointment. This way, you will have an independent third party as a witness, and better yet, have the proceedings recorded or aired ‘live’ on radio for us concerned listeners to follow as the plot thickens…

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