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January 12, 2008



kim, I can hardly begin to describe what I am feeling right now. Total disbelief in the horror - the implications of what you are suggesting. I'd come right up to London today only I'm a carer (24x7) and am not allowed time off without two weeks notice. It's up to you. Find Helen. Please find her. If it's her. She still doesnt answer her phone. I've rung and rung.I'll try and describe her though I haven't seen her for a couple of years since she's been abroad mostly - we just Skype.
She is 45years old, her hair was red but is greying so its a kind of pale orange - curly - all over the place. Long face - kind of severe till she smiles then it lights up with a grin you cant resist. She is around 5'9" tall, takes size 7 shoes as I said before. She's thin and leggy. She has spent a good deal of time abroad and has had a few carcinomas removed, some on her face though they are hardly noticeable.... I'm desperately trying to think of anything she may have said. Anna


Yes, that's Helen. What does this all mean.....? What can I do?

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